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Massage, Yoga, Meditation, and Aromatherapy in Kennesaw, GA

Welcome to The Healing Hippie! I'm Angie Bretz, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner practicing massage and aromatherapy in Kennesaw, GA. I use massage and aromatherapy as a holistic approach to help get the body to optimum wellness to alleviate pain, inflammation, illness, and stress. My goal is to relieve you of the pain and stress that prevents you from living your best life. The Healing Hippie is now offering  yoga, meditation, moon circles and holistic education. Start living your best life today! Call now to start your wellness journey! 


Why Choose The Healing Hippie for massage?


Get YOUR full time! When booking, say a 60-minute massage, that means 60 minutes of HANDS ON massage. That is extremely rare in the massage community as time is taken out for your consultation, dressing and undressing, leaving you with 45-50 minutes of massage time so I guess you can say that you get 10-15 minutes of complementary massage time (compared to other places)!


 Do not feel rushed. I block out 30 min between each client. That not only allows you to get the full time for which you paid, but it also allows plenty of time to do a thorough consultation to ensure that we meet your goals. You can't do that when you have a standard 1 minute consultation like most massage places. My clients never feel rushed (my testimonials show this).


No up charges. I do not up charge for deep tissue or adjunct therapies (hydrotherapy, stretches, cupping, aromatherapy on your pillow, etc)! Also rare in the massage community. If you need additional therapy in order to meet our goals in your session, why in the world should you be charged?


I LOVE my clients. I love massage. I love healing people. I love helping people live their best life by living without their chronic pain. This is my passion.

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